Monday, February 28, 2011

Love is a River

This song is somewhat of a jam-sesh. I wrote it yesterday afternoon after tiring of reading my business associations textbook. Whenever there's musical inspiration, I like to run with it and finish my homework later. :) Please excuse the choppy cuts here and there--I kept forgetting the words (and chords) since I was still kind of making it up as I went. Here are the lyrics...

Love is a river

Love is a fire

How can this be?

It flows the deepest

It burns the brightest

in every part of me.

What will happen

When I find a way to set it free

Let it be?

It will light the night

It will drown the fight

It will set the captive free

It will start a blaze

In these trepid days

one the blind can't help but see

And believe

Love is a passion

brought forth from ashen

things been burned away

Love is a feeling

the power of healing

washes over me each day

What will happen

when I meet you face to face

All fear will flee away

Where Hatred, Anger, Darkness linger

Love will battle through and renew

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