Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here's another song of mine--written during my first semester of law school. It represents the very frustrating, challenging months of that first year, but also has a glimmer of hope and vision for what's to come. I now present: "1L."

Why do we cry?

Why do we wallow?

Pity our lives

For others to follow

Why don't we try?

Stuck in our sorrow

Throw off our lives

When there's hope in tomorrow

Look beyond the case and brief

See the time when you and me (I know, I know...you and I)

We will be the judge.

That's why we try

For those filled with sorrow

We hold their lives

And seek justice for tomorrow

All you knew, all you were

All you thought about the world

Is overturned


  1. Brittney, this is awesome. I've been listening to TW Adult Alternative music channel all day and you are just as good! Love this kind of music and you sound so great.

  2. Thanks Mary! Such a compliment. :)