Thursday, February 10, 2011

Far Away

Good Day to all,
Today's video is another original of mine called "Far Away." It's a solemn sounding song, in 3/4 time, also written last year during my first semester of law school...hence the solemnity. :) It describes a time of change when dreams and passions transform; the past is falling away, the future is foggy, and what begins is a journey into the unknown....

"Far Away"

Somewhere over the rainbow
there is a place where only my dreams know
Someday maybe I'll find them
and where they've hidden all of my
Heart's desires away...

Hidden away
Far Away from here

Till then I'll keep on chasing
that endless promise arched overhead
But when will it cease
When will those dreams take flight
to the clouded sky and fly

Far away from here.

Somewhere over the rainbow
there is a place where never will I go
to find dreams stuck in their earthenly graves
So I say goodbye as I turn away

Off to another day
Far away...from here.

So I say goodbye.


  1. This is amazing Brittney! I am so glad you posted this on facebook.

  2. Thanks Reyn! Glad you enjoyed it. :)