Saturday, January 22, 2011


As I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of Ingrid Michaelson and love playing her stuff, so today's post is a special treat! :) A trio of videos! All fabulous Ingrid songs, and all with my own flare as usual.

I have been learning and growing in many different ways these last couple of months, and one thing that has been on my heart is to cherish the seemingly small things in life. To stop waiting for what will come and live life as we have it now. So many of Ingrid's songs do just that: they make ordinary life sparkle through the use of simple sincerity and some poetic license.

These are short, sweet, and slightly lyrically incorrect, but hey it's fun!

#1--The Way I Am

#2--Lady In Spain
--mouth trumpet interlude omitted simply because no one can quite duplicate that! :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Deciphering Me

Hey Yall,
This is a Brooke Fraser song that gets stuck in my head all the time and is so fun to sing. It's been a while since I've posted a new video so enjoy this one and I hope to have more this week before school starts again!